Salty Waves🌊

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An aqua, ocean themed slime with
foam beads. This slime is vanilla
scented. Comes with sea shell and
marine animal charms to decorate


Salty Waves is an aqua, vanilla scented, ocean themed slime. The foam
beads represent the bubbles in the ocean waves. This slime can be
decorated with sea shell and marine animal charms.

Size: 125ml

Caution: Our slimes are not edible and contain borax activator. Please see slime care sheet.

4 reviews for Salty Waves🌊

  1. Rene

    The bright blue colours with these amazing charms makes this the best slime on this store!

  2. Anna

    I love these charms! They look so good!

  3. Tarryn

    This slime smells like the Ocean, so cool!

  4. George

    My sons says this is his favorite one, getting more slimes next month.

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