Piece of Cake🍰

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A white, vanilla scented, clay slime.
Comes with sprinkles and a rainbow
charm to decorate slime.


Piece of Cake is a white, vanilla scented, clay slime. Your fingers will sink
into this soft slime as it has a raw cake batter texture. This slime can be
decorated with the sprinkles and rainbow charm provided.

Size: 125ml

Caution: Our slimes are not edible and contain borax activator. Please see slime care sheet.

2 reviews for Piece of Cake🍰

  1. Kara

    Beautiful product. I enjoyed it more than my daughter, tons of endless fun! 🥰

  2. Michelle

    Nice to play with, son has so much fun and spends a lot of time playing with this. Worth the money.

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