Pretty Pastel🍭

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A fluffy, pastel pink and pastel
purple slime. One half is mixed
berry scented and the other half is
grape scented. Comes with a
variety of candy and desert charms
to decorate slime.


Sweet Pastel is a fluffy slime. One half is pastel pink and mixed berry
scented while the other half is pastel purple and grape scented. When
mixed, the slime will turn to a lilac color. The slime can be decorated
with a cute bunny charm and a variety of candy and desert charms.

Size: 125ml

Caution: Our slimes are not edible and contain borax activator. Please see slime care sheet.

2 reviews for Pretty Pastel🍭

  1. Dennise

    Cute charms, very fluffy slime. It’s my new favorite type of slime.

  2. Kayla

    Smells sweat!

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