Alien Invader👽

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A crunchy, non scented, galaxy
themed slime. Comes with alien
and UFO charm to decorate slime.


Alien Invader is a crunchy, non scented, galaxy themed slime. The
crunchy beads represent the asteroids and meteors in space. This
slime consists of the colors dark blue, purple, pink and gold. When
mixed, the slime will turn to a metallic purple color. The slime can be
decorated with the alien and UFO charm provided.

Size: 125ml

Caution: Our slimes are not edible and contain borax activator. Please see slime care sheet.

10 reviews for Alien Invader👽

  1. Anton

    It is very pretty for an alien slime.

  2. Ane

    Fun to play with it and it’s totally satisfying. Great for young and old.

  3. Jenny

    Very unique and beautiful slime, I just wish that the alien charm glowed in the dark, but other than that the slime is amazing.

  4. Megan

    Playing with this crunchy slime almost feels like a hand massage.

  5. Trinity

    An alien slime…I’m sold!

  6. Anja

    This alien lives in a really cool galaxy.

  7. Jessica

    Super fresh and clean smile, high quality

  8. Lindie

    How cool is this alien slime! I love the galaxy colors and rocky texture.

  9. Sophia

    The crunchy texture of the slime makes great sounds.

  10. Jeff

    Love the crunchy feeling of squishing this slime.

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